For Founders

We believe in big ideas.

Value-added Capital

Gulf South Angels members invest in Seed or Series A financing rounds of companies that are in dynamic growth markets, have strong value propositions, demonstrate sound business plans, and lead with strong, knowledgeable management teams.

We seek companies that have the potential to scale regionally, nationally, or internationally and that have a clear path to exit. We avoid businesses not seeking to exit and those with large capital requirements.

Deal Flow Process


If you feel your company could be a good fit, we invite you to apply through the link at the top of our website or the bottom of this page. Please make sure to include important information, such as an Executive Summary, Investor Pitch Deck, and Financial Projections & Model.


Applications will be reviewed by our Prescreening Committee. If the components of the business show potential, the company will be invited to a Screening Committee meeting. Due to the high volume of applications, only submissions that are assessed and moved to the Screening stage will receive a response.


Companies will have the opportunity to make a 10-minute presentation to our Screening Committee. This will be followed by 10-15 minutes of Q&A where companies should be prepared to discuss topics such as: Market, Product, Finance & Business Model, Use of Funds, and Management Experience. Companies may then advance to presenting at GSA’s monthly member meeting.

Pitch to member network

Once a month, GSA convenes a member meeting for the entire network. Selected companies will deliver a 10-minute presentation and answer questions. If there is enough member interest, GSA and the company will then enter a Due Diligence process.

Due Diligence

GSA’s due diligence teams will conduct a deep dive analysis of four critical components of the company’s business model: Management / Market / Product & Technology / Financials. Companies should expect to provide materials and time to this process. A due diligence report will then be compiled and sent to GSA members.

Capital Commitments

If there is sufficient member interest after Due Diligence, those members will secure a lawyer to craft and deliver a term sheet to the company or to review the company’s term sheet if one exists. Once the term sheet has been successfully negotiated, closing documents will be crafted and executed, capital will be secured, and the closing will occur. Closing is the event when all points of agreement have occurred and capital is transferred into the company’s account.

Post-Deal Stewardship

If Founders and investors will work together to make the company a success.

Finding The Right Founders

We seek companies that have the potential to scale regionally, nationally, or internationally and that have a clear path to exit.