For Investors

Members offer their human capital through mentoring and operational assistance to help grow sustainable and successful businesses.

Our Investment Philosophy

Most members are “industry agnostic,” but may prefer to invest in companies that complement the regional economy. Some sectors that we’ve invested in historically are Energy & Climate-Related Opportunities, Analytics and Big Data, Biotech, Digital Media, Education/Educational Technology, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Internet/SaaS/Cloud Solutions, Logistics, Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, and Water Management.


Gulf South Angels members come from varied backgrounds and areas of expertise. We recognize the importance of diverse perspectives when evaluating early-stage companies, and we welcome angel investors with all levels of experience.

While many of our members are primarily based in Louisiana, we leverage remote capabilities to engage with all our members throughout the US.

Benefits of Membership:

Robust Deal Flow of emerging companies across a range of industries via local and national syndication.

Competitive Deal Terms because of collective screening and investing.

Committee Participation to leverage expertise and learn through collaborative efforts, strengthening participants’ knowledge of the early-stage asset class. Committees include Screening, Due Diligence, Education, Community Outreach, and Recruitment.

Networking with a diverse group of angel investors, with the opportunity to socialize and create connections at the local and national level.

Monthly Member Meetings where promising investment opportunities are presented and discussed. These meetings occur both in-person and through video conference, so members can choose the attendance style that works for them. Meetings are also recorded, so members can connect asynchronously.

Angel Investor Tax Credit of 25-35% for investors in Louisiana-based companies. Additional tax credits exist across the US, and GSA assists members in using these.

Educational Sessions led by knowledgeable speakers and moderators, both in-person and virtual, including expertise provided through the Angel Capital Association (ACA).

Collaborative Due Diligence among members to evaluate investment opportunities. Diversity of member experience allows our due diligence to identify the most attractive deals.

Contribute to Early-stage Ecosystem in Louisiana and through America via mentorship and community engagement. Members can offer more than money when assisting young companies and leaders.

Access National Resources & Connections through GSA’s partnership with Angel Capital Association (ACA) – all GSA members receive ACA membership.


Members must be accredited investors as defined by the Securities Investors and Exchange Commission (SEC). Members (individuals or married couples) pay annual dues of $1,500 to cover the Network’s operating expenses. Members agree to an investment commitment expectation of one per year, with the minimum capital required of $10,000.

Interested in Joining the Network?

If you are an Accredited Investor and invest or are thinking of investing in early-stage companies, we encourage you to consider joining us.